Defragging Your Brain Your brain feels full. Maybe life seems more frustrating than usual. Like an itch you can't reach. Instead of complaining about having no time for anything, and watching the "to-do" list pile up, morph the tangled web of your thoughts into clear direction for the month ahead! In this exercise based workshop, bring your frustrations, annoyances, grievances with the world! Be heard and then watch as we transform the power they held into positive forward action. Just like a cluttered house that needs to be cleaned out before redecorating, your brain thrives on a good clean sweep before it can take on a new set of directions - aka, gift your brain a clean space to work from to achieve your next goal. Sunday March 1st CMAC Renge Dojo @ 1423 Yonge st. Register Online Access Dojo Pricing with Promo Code: CMAC