Hello everyone , For my birthday this year, I will be biking from Toronto to Montreal and have decided to run a personal charity campaign again - this year in support of The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO), a local organization that provides services to immigrant and refugee families in Toronto. I am specifically supporting the Youth Program at TNO. I’m writing to kindly ask you all to sponsor the campaign (link below) by donating to TNO’s Youth Summer Camps program and/or sharing the link with your network. The goal this year is to reach $1000 by August 19th, and any support is greatly appreciated. If you wish to make donations in cash, there is a box available (crafted by the youth at TNO) that I will bring to the Dojo next week. Thank you!

Link: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/14733 (under the FUND tab, please select the “Youth Summer Camps” option.

Together in Forward Motion, Mr Pesteh