‘Ease’ Remember we always get what we are feeling. Sometimes it may feel like we have manifested something out of the blue, but it is never out of the blue it is out of the oblivious. If we are surprised by what we have created it is because we are not in touch with how we are vibrating, what we are really feeling. There are two ways to know what we are creating; the first is to feel it while we are creating it. What am I feeling in this moment? The second is to notice it after it has manifested. How did that happen, why did I create that? With the second one there was enough momentum of thought / feeling that was missed, until it pops up in our reality and surprises us.
One of the biggest challenges for us is to NOT look at what is in front of us. To not tell the story of all the things that are happening to us. But instead to find and tell a story of what is good and beautiful around us, a story of how we want to feel and what we want to experience. Things are always changing we recreate ourselves in every breath, but when we hold our attention on what we see and don’t like, it is very hard to create anything much different from that. If we could ignore what we see and only focus on the wild and amazing things in our heart, we would make huge leaps and the seemingly impossible would become possible. Tell yourself “I love you”. It is not required that we focus all day, every day, just that we come back to the pure thought of what it is we are after, the feeling of our ideal moment many times during the day. The pure thought is another place we may get stuck. A pure thought is not a by the way as we are knee deep with kids, or under a pile of paper work. It requires us to stop for that short time, only a moment or two and put all attention, all our feeling into that thought, no need to dwell on it just to have pure thought while you are doing it. A thought that brings that smile to your face. Doing this as often as you can every day builds up momentum as the longer, we stay focused in pure positive thought the greater the force the higher the vibration and the more likely it is for all of our wildest dreams to come to be manifest. Tell yourself “I love you” as often as you can. Welcome to a new way of living Create a life you don't need a vacation from!