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The goal of this program is to focus on mastering the technique of basic core bracing exercises so that you are prepared to follow a core strengthening program.  This program should be done daily because it is gentle however before starting any programs you should consult with your Physiotherapist or Doctor. Use week five as a testing week to determine if you are prepared for the next level.

  1. Activation of deep hip stabilisation muscles in supine 2. Core activation in crook
  2. Core R knee drop out (other leg extended) 4. Core L knee drop out (other leg extended) 5. Core stability in crook with opposite (R) UL  and (L) LL extension slides 6. Core stability in crook with opposite (L) UL and (R) LL extension slides 7. Core R knee drop out
  3. Core L knee drop out 9. Bilateral knee drop out 10. Knee drop out R 11. Knee drop out L 12. Cobra
  4. Lumbar extension in standing 14. Standing R leg swing core activation 15. Standing L leg swing core activation 16  Walking core activation Week 1 perform 1 circuits with work time of 30s and rest time of 15s Week 2 perform 1 circuits with work time of 35s and rest time of 15s Week 3 perform 1 circuits with work time of 40s and rest time of 15s Week 4 perform 2 circuits with work time of 30s and rest time of 15s Week 5 perform 2 circuits with work time of 34s and rest time of 15s
Joan was with the Olympic program for three decades, as well as working with Nasa and the Raptors.
She will be able to see exactly where your weaknesses are, so that we can work together to take a scientific and personalized approach to getting you stronger.
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