A highly proficient martial artist who trained with Xie Zhong Xiang, and his assistant Wan Shin Zan, as well as Yabu Peichin, a Chinese master named Zhun Zhen Shan. He was a prominent Okinawan martial arts master who influenced the development of several major karate styles. Sensei Arakaki was famous for teaching the kata (patterns) Unshu, Seisan, Shihohai, Sōchin, Niseishi, and Sanchin (which were later incorporated into different styles of karate), and weapons kata Arakaki-no-kun, Arakaki-no-sai, and Sesoku-no-kun. While he did not develop any specific styles himself, his techniques and kata are scattered through a number of modern karate and kobudo styles. Sensei Arakaki's students included Higaonna Kanryō (1853–1915; founder of Naha-te)  Gichin Funakoshi (1868–1957; founder of Shotokan)  Uechi Kanbun (1877–1948; founder of Uechi-ryu  Kanken Toyama (1888–1966; founder of Shudokan)  Mabuni Kenwa (1889–1952; founder of Shito-ryu Chitose Tsuyoshi (1898–1984; founder of Chito-ryu) Some consider Chitō-ryū the closest existing style to Sensei Arakaki's martial arts, while others have noted that Sensei Arakaki's descendants are mostly involved with Goju-ryu.