The last week was great!!! The weather was good so we did allot of training and running. Morgan and I ran all the way to the top of the mountain. I’m defiantly going to miss this place and the mentality of everyone there. It’s a very different way to live. I think from experiencing the temple I will be able to take back some of it. As far as the value of the experience goes, I think it was definitely worth it. Every moment spent there teaches you more about yourself and how you can improve yourself. Even with the language barrier I learnt more in that month than half the year at home. Not only that but you realize just how diverse the world is. It almost shocks you when you realize that it's not only different customs you have to deal with in other cultures but vastly different thought patterns. One thing I have noticed coming back is that I don't feel content to get back to the same routine. I feel like I want to keep learning more and pushing the boundaries of my life further. Weather it's by training or some other means I haven’t thought of yet. I honestly have no clue what I'm going to do but this trip has definitely given me much more of an appetite for adventure and finding completely different ways to live. Would I do it again? Hell yes! In fact I don't think anything short of an untimely death will stop me heading back at some point. I can't wait until then.  The sooner, the better. I’ve never really been one for putting my thoughts to paper so I apologize if it's not ‘top notch stuff’. Cole Williams Shodan CMAC Mokurai Dojo New Zealand