Something that is happening in one part of society is usually happening everywhere in society, in some way shape or form. The issue of bullying is still at the forefront in society today but not surprisingly given that you see it everywhere, in hockey, politics, domestic violence, workplace issues, government, driving, cyber space, law enforcement to name a few. Sadly and again not surprising, one in five kids are bullied at school and 45% of students go to school afraid according to a recent study out of Guelph University. Humans by nature generally are bullies in how they treat the planet along with the animals. The latest bullying behavior we are seeing is kids bullying their parents and getting away with it which is actually quite unbelievable. Treatment of seniors has also come under scrutiny this past year. The lack of basic courtesy and respect for other human beings and how we treat nature is a demonstration in a lack of consciousness. Consideration for others and the planet can be learned through conservation in matters of use of energy and water especially, whether people like it or not, they are going to have to consider others when they make personal decisions on how to use resources because what one does affects everyone. There is a polarization of viewpoints at the moment in humanity between the givers and the takers ie: those that are seeing the truth and acting on it accordingly and those that only see their needs in the short term and take without giving back. Training in budo is a good first step in developing efficient individuals who have a realization that all need each other to progress also to only use what is needed and save some for the next person when using scarce resources. Energy management is very important when doing the martial arts as it should be anything else yet so many take and use many forms of energy as if these things were inexhaustible. Conservation and consideration of others can go a long way in raising consciousness. ~Sensei W. M. Platt