Sensei Platt and Sensei Williams, Wudang - Classical Martial Arts Centre - Toronto Central RegionDuring the course of this 30th anniversary year for the Honbu dojo, I have been asked many of the obvious questions and also many interesting questions regarding the history and evolution of the dojo and organization, about students along the way and training/teaching of the martial arts, ie: best lessons, best students, best memories, best trips, best martial artists etc.  When I really started to think about it, after 39 years of training and 30 years functioning professionally, it really became too much to encapsulate in a short dissertation; so i resolved an answer down to two points: the most important aspect of the training in my opinion and what I consider as my greatest achievement.  I will explain the latter at the end of the grading and I will outline the former in this note.  Both points relate to the future progress of students young or old in Classical Martial Arts and in life.  After teaching several thousand students and producing several hundred black belts many who have continued themselves to the professional level, after experiencing/observing many martial arts formats in the many countries on aspect of the training comes to the forefront in every one of them and is something all budo practitioners must keep as a priority in their training to progress.  it is absolutely essential and crucial even now in the new quantum energy as we become more dimensionally aware to maintain a disciplined regimen of MEDITATION.  Keeping a daily internal focus and connecting to ones centre is the foundation of handling all that happens on the outside.  that which is projected will be reflected and when one understands the fact that there is nothing larger on the outside than what one is on the inside, one then realizes there is no problem that cannot be solved; no perceived bad experience that cannot be overcome; no challenge that cannot be met.  What science is beginning to understand is what the ancients have stated for millennnia: mankind needs to meditate and find the inner balance to achieve a sense of harmony in this reality.  I totally agree that in the triad of training, that being 'austere training', 'philosophical assimilation;, and 'protracted meditation', the most important aspect (moving or zazen) IS the meditation to "bring it all together".

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~Sensei W. M. Platt