Kona Karate/ Winter Volcano Training 2019

Need some heat to get you through the upcoming Winter months? How about some volcanic fire to light you up Mid February? The Big Island of Hawaii, made up of 5 volcanoes, including one of the world's LARGEST, is till vibrating with great connect with "Tutu Pele", the goddess of fire and volcanoes! Potential dates for CMAC Hawaii 5-0 are February 17 -February 28, 2019 (give or take a few days). Training sessions TBA If you are SERIOUSLY INTERESTED and would like to participate in the CMAC Hawaii 5-0 training, be READY TO COMMIT by mid November. Accommodations and travel arrangement will be your responsibility which you can do personally OR with enough participation, a tour operator may be able to offer group rates. Aloha! By visiting the Big Island and choosing to spend our money local businesses, we are helping to rebuild after the may 2018 volcanic eruptions, damage and to preserve the little piece of Paradise.   The training fees for the participation in the CMAC Seminars with Hanshi Platt is a donation to one of the Local charities. for example: THE WALKOLOA DRY FOREST INITIATIVE, THE HAWAII VOLCANOE NATIONAL PARK, THE KAHALU'U BAY EDUCATION CENTRE, THE PACIFIC WHALE FOUNDATION, THE HAWAII WILDLIFE FUND, THE KOHALA CENTRE, PROJECT HAWAII, HAWAII ISLAND VOLCAO RECOVERY FUND.   Hanshi Platt