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The Five Elements Brand Journal by Ece Savas (Nidan)

After 15 years working as a graphic designer and a brand expert, one day I realized that my work is more than just a job we do. It’s a true expression of who I am and an opportunity to create the best version of myself to serve the world in a meaningful way. This realization changed the course of my life and business forever.

I believe that we're all unique by creation and life-experiences; therefore, our authenticity when combined with empathy is the strongest and the most effective strategy we can use to build our brand and business. It's also the most natural one.

The Five Elements approach I use in this journal was inspired by Eastern spiritual philosophies that I’ve been fortunate to study and practice for over a decade. At its core is bringing the emotional, physical and spiritual authenticity of your brand into balance using the attributes of the five natural elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. This unique approach begins from the heart of the entrepreneur and resonates outward with passion, good service and abundance, building a rich, engaging and fulfilling brand.

There are two parts to this journal: In part one, you will develop insight and understanding of your brand as an expression of who you are, develop clarity of vision and the impact you wish to have. In part two, using empathic thinking you will get to know your audience as intimately as possible. This exercise will help you focus your efforts and bring your authenticity forward in a way that connects with the people you want to serve.

If you are a holistic minded entrepreneur, who seeks meaning and fulfillment in business as well as in life, then you will love this journal. Most of the questions in this journal are used by professionals regularly during discovery phase of a brand and used as a foundation for creating marketing strategies. Keep in mind that there’s always a gap between strategy and creativity, transforming the knowledge into solid ideas.

Bridging this gap requires time and subconscious processing. Use your answers as blueprint for inspiration and work on your brand in your own time. There are plenty of empty pages left for you to draft your ideas

and keep them in one place.

I'm so excited to bring this journal to you. I truly hope that it will inspire and empower genuine, heart driven and powerful new businesses to emerge into the world.

~ with love.

Ece Savas

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There is wisdom in this stillness Algernon Williams

As we draw ever closer to the new decade 2020, many have been feeling a bit in the void once again, as if a pause button has been pushed. Interestingly it feels like we have been emptied out, each one of us experiencing our own unique life review. It feels like a preparation, a readying for the start of something big, something different, something new.

As we enter into this new Consciousness, new timelines and dimensional transformations we are not yet familiar with how to operate in this new realm. That is why we are taking a moment to catch up, to assimilate and recalibrate to our new way of being.

So, if you are feeling void of new creation, not to worry, allow yourself to be still as you absorb your new wisdom. We are still deleting remnants of the old while we discover, align and integrate the new workings of our True Self as Conscious Souls in our human bodies. This new wisdom is preparing us for our coming out, where we reveal our new lives, leading a new humanity, into the new earth, and the next stage of Creation.

This is Not a small ask!

Be gentle with yourselves, Let go and allow. Listen to your heart. Find some stillness. Remember it’s all new so do not hold onto what you think you should be doing or feeling.

There is so much going on energetically at the moment, both cosmically and internally. Be easy on yourselves, stay close to your heart, tell yourself “I love you” every moment that you can. Be still if that is what is called for and allow your new wisdom to penetrate the veils of your now outdated belief systems.

For all of us, if it is known it is old. If it is familiar, if we can recognize it, then it cannot be new.

Let us get ready for something completely brand new!

Welcome to A New Way of Living by Algernon Williams