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Introduction to Chakras From "Chakras for beginners" 5

The Symbolism of the Chakras

The chakras are traditionally represented through symbols. The functions and nature are described not through words but through symbolic images. This is the traditional approach of all esoteric traditions, for the symbol is richer in meaning than the word. Each symbol and its wide range of associations needs to be offered to the deeper levels of the mind through meditation. In fact the fullness of the symbolic code cannot be understood except through the process of meditation. The unbroken teaching lineage preserved through Laya yoga offers the age0old symbols to the contemporary world.

Each chakra is described primarily as a lotus. This flower is rooted in the mud, rises through the waters and blooms upon the surface. Here is an underlying symbolism, which represents the journey from the earth to spirit. Each lotus has a different number of petals, which reveals the complexity of the chakra at both physical and psychic levels corresponding to the number of vortices within the chakra. These petals are also coloured in accordance with symbolic code.

Animal symbols are attributed to the first five chakras. These express the nature of the chakra. Each of the first five chakras is also attributed to an elemental symbol. These symbols need to be integrated in meditation if we are to understand their significance. The absence of animal and elemental symbols at the sixth and seventh chakras also expresses a function of the higher centres.

The chakras, with the exception of the crown centre, are attributed a mantra, a sounded meditation which has the power to awaken the chakra through its own vibration. The mantra is accompanied by a yantra, a geometric form which again expresses the essential nature of the chakra. This too needs to be understood through the internal process of meditation. The centres are also attributed to carious deities. This sacred personification reminds us of the living nature of the centres. We may approach each centre through the aegis of its presiding deity.

Let us now approach the blueprint of our being with due respect and understanding.

Symbolism is an instrument of knowledge and the most ancient and fundamental method of expression, one which reveals aspects of reality which escape other modes of expression.

-J.C. Cooper


It is not difficult to become attuned to your own energy field. You might like to try the following exercise. Most people are surprised to discover that they can actually feel an emanation at the very first attempt. As with all things, practice makes perfect. The more often you do this exercise, the more success you will have.

Sit with your palms facing but not touching one another. Slowly move the palms away from each other. Bring the palms back close together. Establish a gentle rhythm, moving together and apart in a bouncing motion. It usually happens that people quite suddenly and unexpectedly experience a feeling best described as a magnetic force. This sensation cannot be confused with general body heat or warmth. It is such a specific sensation. Close your eyes. Become aware of your breathing. On the outbreath visualise white light pouring out from the centre of the palms in a steady stream. People are both amazed and delighted when they lock onto it.

When you experience this, you may begin to pull the hands further apart. Eventually the contact will break, and you may start again. Palm to palm contact is easiest to work with first. When you are comfortable with this you can make fingertip/fingertip contact, or use the fingertips of one hand against the palm of the other. The process of sensitising the hands to the energy field will prepare you for making contact with your own chakra energy.

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Yoga poses for Shiko Dachi and Let-go of Negative Emotions – Part 2 by Kohai Savas

(cont'd) Click to Read Part 1
Stat with pose 1 and 2…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your body is warmed up before getting into stretches.
Move slowly and mindfully at all times.
Feeling tight muscle pain is normal but having sharp pain is NOT!
Always listen to your body. 



Starting from wide legged fold forward; bring your hands down on the mat. Exhale and bend your right knee. Walk your hands towards your right foot for support. Press your right elbow inside of your right knee and push your knee out. Keep your knee in the same line with your ankle and press down firmly with the outside of the foot, work on relaxing the heal down towards the mat. Your left leg should be fully extended, your quad tight, sole of your feet on the floor. Keep your hips in the middle, avoid sitting on your heel.


If you can, bring your hands off the floor to create resistance, hold for 10 seconds then brings hands down again and relax further.
Hold 30 sec up to 2 min per side.

* You can also use a wall to assist you with this pose.

by Kohai Savas

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Ichigo Ichie


Ichigo Ichie
Time is directional and cannot come back so deal with the present - the now.
Ichie ichigo
Right here now. Every time is the only time,
Every time is the last time.
Ichie Ichigo
Know the now the eternal moment.
If you are preoccupied/attached with the scoreboard you may lose the game.

Whatever you do, do it perfectly, wholly, become it.
The only 1ife you have is this one.
So this second is the last one of this life.
Each second should be precious to you.
Everything you do only lasts one second and then it is gone.

Get the quintessence of what you are doing.
Act with a mind that is not clouded by anything else.