This is to certify, that the following have achieved the ranks listed below.

We expect that with continued training and diligent study, there will be further progress in the future.

This is a non CMAC Grading (Hanshi has disbanded CMAC). Held with Sensei O'Connell of High Park Martial Arts. Sensei Dixon and Sensei Skoryk were unable to attend due to number considerations, (only to people allowed),  we hope to have them present for future gradings. There were only 10 people present, Prescreening Protocols were in place, temperature were taken for all present, all were Physically distanced at all times, and Masks were worn by all, when not partaking in exercise, We are part of the PSOs - Ontario Karate Federation and Wushu Canada and followed all of their guidelines.

Dan Challengers

GODAN - Karate-Do Senpai Sheldon Scarlett

SHODAN - Kobudo Mr. Farid Pesteh Mr. Cale Honneysett

1st Level - Niei Chi Ms. Steph Braithwaite 

Outstanding Performance Senpai Sheldon Scarlett

Gambate Sensei Willams Kyoshi