“You are what you believe yourself to be.” ― Paulo Coelho What we choose to believe about ourself has a direct impact on our results and our life. Our desires for our life may start with a dream, but it is our unshakeable belief in ourself that will determine how far we go.  Life is a journey, a learning process, and when we trust in the process and ourselves, we can accept that we are exactly where we need to be right now. In this moment we are here to take notice, maybe there is a lesson to learn, a person to meet or an experience to be had, whatever it may be it is happening in order for us to break through to the next level.  In the challenging moments don’t get sucked into the self doubt or comparing yourself to others. Know the setback or issue is coming up for us because we need to strengthen ourselves, and it is our unstoppable belief in ourself that will push us through.   The practice of believing in ourself is how confidence grows. Confidence comes from within when we believe in our talents, skills, and ourself.  Here are 10 ways to keep believing in yourself and raise your confidence:
  1. Life is not meant to be perfect and no one in it is perfect, we are all here to learn and improve.
  2. Trust yourself by cultivating your inner belief that you are strong, and that you can and you will do it.
  3. Work hard with consistent action and practice every day.
  4. Be the champion of your own life, keep reminding yourself why you started and how you can and will reach your outcomes.
  5. Look for the lesson in any setback and keep moving forward.
  6. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations every day.
  7. Nourish your body and spirit with water, food, rest, exercise and meditation.
  8. Love and accept yourself. “I love and accept myself and I am working hard to do my best effort.”
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.
  10. Give yourself a hug every day. 
By Kohai Dianne Hadad 3rd Degree Black Belt, Renge Dojo Energy & Wellness Coach, Warrior Spirit Circle 647-203-4882 |  dianne.hadad@gmail.com