Diving into the new
As many of you know we have just passed through an intense and huge gateway as the entire earth has shifted into a new and palpably different vibrational level. Some of us are still feeling the effects of the massive influxes of energy as we attempt to anchor this new light into our physical bodies. It is truly amazing to see and feel our world both internal and external start to shift as we journey forward into the next phase of our awakening.
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Living in this new energy requires a conscious and total shift in our priorities as we re-think what is important to us. Re-learn what feeds us, re- establish new parameters for simply being in this new way. As we move forward into the new we will not only realise that it is no longer enough to know and say ‘we must change’ but we will find it imperative to now BE that change.
Holding on to what was, is no longer an option as it will quickly become what anchors us down. Trying to live with that disparity between what we were and what we are quickly becoming will be very uncomfortable.
Our job now is to let go of All that we thought was right or wrong, true or false, good or bad. To let go of all judgment and expectation. To stay fully in the present as we ride the wave to the new. The very definition of new (produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before.) means that to enter the NEW we cannot know anything about it. If we believe we know then we are only recreating something old. This is an immense challenge for us all!
The good news is that many of us have done the hard work, we have cleansed, de-cluttered, de-triggered and have released down to our core. Not to say that we are done as this journey is never over, but it can and does get easier.
As we move forward it is important to stay alert, to pay attention to the small things. The shift into the new can be very subtle at first. We are so accustomed to our old ways that it takes focus to stay tuned in through our highest senses, to be open to delicate nuances and elusive differences that pop up to show us that our worlds are indeed shifting.
We must be patient as we observe with our entire being, allowing ourselves to feel the softness, beauty and simplicity that is now available to us. We are being called to step into our next phase which will be unique to each one of us. So be steadfast in your new journey listen, breathe and move step by step into your new.
Welcome to A New Way of Living