Time: 2.10pm EDT

Duration; 15 mins

Hanshi Platt - CMAC Sensei Wallace Platt, 10th Dan, Hanshi CMAC Founder and Head InstructorGreeting to All,
We are now in the 888 portal between eclipses of a powerful manifestation energy that will be used as a focus of co-creation energy 
for the mass mediation .
Monday August 21 at 2:10pm EDT duration 15 minutes.
This will involve both on and off world groups in this dimension and others. 
I want our group to participate as best we can by setting up dojo meditations during that time and for those that cannot be present they can always be present in their mind.
If each dojo has even a minimum of three students in the group it will be very impacting.
All off world and on world are following this basic format:

1. Use your own method to get everyone to settle in, using breathing etc., induce an alpha-theta state.

2.state intent to unify -harmonize -heal the planet and enhance the planetary liberation process via all entities

3.visualize a pillar of wh light  from the galactic central sun coming down through our sun-moon and each individual to the core of the earth

4. visualize a pillar of wh light now coming up from the earth core through all individuals then moon-sun and out to the solar system and galaxy.

5. visualize yourself now in two pillars of light one going up  one going down then see a rose quartz colour wave of energy coming down between the pillars through you then into the earth

6.hold this image for the duration of 15mins or longer if you like re-affirm intent anytime through the process.

Starting at 2:10 EDT and going for 15min no one will miss totality.

  Thank you for Participating. Yours in the Spirit of Budo Hanshi Platt.