Last month December 2019 was both a big end and a wonderful beginning.
As we closed the year, the decade and the era the dissolution of the old must occur at all levels of our physical and non-physical reality. We are literally leaving behind our old selves and are embracing higher levels of consciousness, new directions and an entirely New Way of Living. For many of us this has come not a moment too soon as we have been working, waiting and anticipating this time since 2012 and before. But as we have painstakingly come to learn things come not at our human time but always at Divine time. December acted as a gateway for us to step through, and into the next level on the pathway to physical transcendence. If we choose, we can now leave our past behind us and step firmly into our new timeline. It is so important during these next few weeks that we allow our fears and doubts to surface. We must be vulnerable enough to allow what is hiding to emerge. And then to feel whatever arises fully. Only then will we be able to let it all go and allow it all to dissolve for good. When any of our fears and doubts surface simply: Acknowledge them. Accept them (without owning and becoming them). And then watch them float away like clouds. “Oh here comes some anger. I can feel it, it’s big. Interesting I thought I had dealt with that. Oh, there it goes” We are heading into a limitless space in which everything that is not yet reconciled can and will be dissolved. These fears and doubts no matter how small or irrelevant they may seem, are precisely what truly impedes us from stepping fully into the new. They keep us limited, repeating old patterns and experiencing the same results that are no longer aligned with the reality that our soul desires to experience. Be brave, take the time needed, have compassion for yourself as you break out of old habits, patience while you create new responses to old situations and forgiveness for yourself if and when you forget to respond in a new way. Welcome to A New Way of Living by Algernon Williams