‘A New Way of Living’ We all strive for abundance. Whether it is financial, time, or love. We have been trying to manifest abundance for ions. The elixir of life looking for an abundance or never-ending life. The interpretation of the alchemist where we wanted to turn lead into gold looking for financial abundance. The dream of the holiday on the beach looking for more time. Or the never-ending drive for true love. WHAT IF WE HAVE IT ALL BACKWARDS? The way I see it, abundance is not something that we can ever manifest or be without. It simply is. The universe is never ending, it is the epitome of abundance. abundance is all around us, we can never get away from it, or not have it. The problem we have is that we block it, we resist it, we create limitations. When we focus on creating abundance more times than not, as we focus on what we want we are also focusing on what it is we do not have. It’s like telling someone to not think about a red elephant, and instantly there it is, the red elephant. They are two ends of the same stick. To Have and Have not. Instead if we can forget about what we want, forget about what we do not have and simply focus on what simple little thing can make us smile in the moment, we will start to lift our limitations. Our frequency the mechanism of our manifestation is not tied to any particular outcome. If we are vibrating at a high frequency we will manifest all that is perfect for us. (Good, desirable, wanted). If our vibration drops to a lower rate we will still manifest all that is perfect for us. Everything we need to release what is necessary to raise our vibration again. (Also good, maybe less desirable and most certainly not wanted at that time). The point is, it is very difficult to maintain a high vibration when we focus on what is missing, even when we disguise it as asking for what we want. Instead simply look around and find something to appreciate, something to make you smile, to make you laugh. And when you do, and your vibration begins to rise all the things that you wanted and more will start to show up in your world. Step by step, smile by smile, laugh by laugh when that becomes our prominent expression life changes.  

Welcome to A New Way of Living

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