Yoga in Toronto

Whether you’re a beginner looking to try yoga for the first time or an advanced fanatic seeking to master the latest pose, you’ll find a supportive atmosphere at Martial Arts Toronto to work on and achieve your personal goals. 

Our specialty is martial arts. However, we believe yoga is beneficial on its own and is also an excellent supplement to martial arts training. That’s why we offer personalized support for all types of yoga training. Contact us at (647) 996-4278 to find out more.


A Fully Equipped Yoga Studio in Downtown Toronto

Your yoga class will be held in a fully equipped and spacious studio located in downtown Toronto for your convenience. What’s more, we always limit our class numbers to maximize your enjoyment and stretching space!

Improve Your Focus, Meditation, and Flexibility in Our Yoga Classes

Regularly participating in yoga will increase your ability to focus and meditate. You’ll hone in on your body’s movements and become more aware of your breathing. These skills will transfer not only to your martial arts training at our centre but will benefit you in all aspects of your daily life, too. 

What’s more, yoga will improve your flexibility. Everyone who knows a thing or two about martial arts knows that there is a constant change of position involved. To do this, you require superior control of your body movements that will be enhanced with good flexibility.

If you don’t know anything about martial arts, we’re still confident you will notice the advantages of greater flexibility during your day-to-day activities.

A Team of Experienced Yoga Masters

Our instructors are skilled in martial arts and meditation. We have a team of world-class Senseis and Senpais at your disposal to help you achieve your fitness and yoga goals. We’re trained instructors that will teach you proper form and technique to prevent injuries and maximize results. We’re committed to fully supporting you as you master your breathing techniques, improve your flexibility, and zone into a rewarding time of meditation. Learn more about our instructors on our Martial Arts Instructor Profiles page.

Group Yoga at Affordable Rates

At Martial Arts Toronto, you’ll benefit from the expertise of an accomplished staff at reasonable prices. We’re passionate about spreading our passion for martial arts, yoga, and health and fitness. That’s why we offer our services at rates that are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Call our studio today to find out more about our pricing.

Yoga Training for Students of All Levels

Whether you’re just starting, or have years of yoga experience, you’ll be able to challenge yourself and find personalized support at our studio. Let our yoga masters know what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll be sure to adapt your lesson to best help you reach your goal.

Yoga Classes with Flexible Scheduling Options

Our studio offers flexible scheduling to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our clients. Call our friendly staff today to find out the days and times of our next yoga program.

Contact Our Team Today to Sign up for Yoga Classes!

Discover the amazing benefits that yoga will bring to your martial arts training and your overall health and well-being. Improved balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, focus, and more are only a phone call away. Call (647) 996-4278 today!