Classical Budo is about the total person. This concept includes more than the basic mind-body-spirit and emotions; it also accounts one is on the inside. Who we really are is a lifelong introspection for everyone no matter what one does, but for those in Budo understanding one's true nature is of utmost importance. The basic premise is the more you know yourself, the more you know the opponent, then one can act in accordance with the situation. Sometimes you have to fall to know where you stand in training and in life; one just has to get up one more time than they fall down, which is not as easy as it sounds sometimes. Take care of today and tomorrow will fall into line and doing this with all faculties in play gives you a better chance to succeed. Humans tend to move faster when they have lost their way or are fatigued, but Budo trains one to be balanced so that not just the body or emotions alone are left to rush into the challenge. The brain takes in the facts and the heart faces them. Much can be gained in solitude and meditation, but not character; for this, one must interface with reality... and that is why we have gradings. Fear is only as big as the mind allows. Aligned energy flows leading to optimal thinking and good decisions - this is achieved when practicing the kata. To overcome fear all one needs to do is expect the best of themselves and then do what is necessary to make it a reality. Do this with the totality of self and don't starve any one aspect. Stimulation on all levels is a key to health and longevity. The idea in Budo is to proceed as if limits to our abilities do not exist.