Chakras are energy centres where mind and body intercepts. There are 7 major chakra centres in our bodies; relating to our endocrine system that governs our physical and emotional health. Each chakra centre vibrates at different frequencies, moving from low frequency at the bottom, dealing with basic aspects of physical life, to high frequency on the top, dealing with more subtle aspects of life. Over the next few weeks I will be introducing each chakra centre in more detail; starting with the ‘Root’ Chakra, where the Kundalini energy sleeps, ‘Hui Yin’ Gate of Death and Life.   MULADHARA or ROOT CHAKRA (HUI-YIN) ‘mul’ base, ‘adhara’ support Associated with element EARTH – colour RED – shape SQUARE Located at the pelvic floor at the base of the spine. Develops in the first 12 months of our lives including the 6 months inside our mothers’ belly. Consequently it’s directly related to our very first experiences in this life and our relationship with our mothers or the main caregiver.   Symbolizes our connection with the physical existence on this planet, sense of security, grounding, self-sufficiency and trust. Like a tree we need to be firmly rooted in the physical world.   Basic Need: Self-preservation, to be Here and to Have. Negative Emotion: Fear Physically affects our body structure, bones, teeth, hips and knees as well as our eating habits. When balanced we are in good health, vitality, comfortable in our body, good balance, stable, feeling a sense of trust in the world. Deficiency: Lack of grounding, disconnection from body, underweight, fearful, hard time trusting others, irresponsible, restless, anxious, poor boundaries, feeling out of control, insecure, caught up with the matters of money. Excess: Obesity, attachments or addictions, greed, laziness, rigidness, lack of mobility, clinging to things and people, bad time management Balancing Yoga practices establishing a sense grounding through the feet, legs and pelvis, moving into stillness, forward bends that evoke a feeling of surrendering to the earth.   “For uncontrolled there is no wisdom, nor for the uncontrolled is there the power of concentration; and for him without concentration there is no peace. And for the unpeaceful, how can there be happiness?” _ Bhagavad Gita     Warrior’s Yoga Flow Hasu Dojo Tuesday: 6:45pm – 8:00pm Sunday: 7:30pm – 9:00pm Enzan Dojo Saturday: 10:00am – 11:15am        

Root Chakra of Mother Earth

Mount Shasta, California, USA

Mount Shasta, California, USA Mt. Shasta is part of the Cascade Mountain Range which runs from Northern California into Oregon and all the way up to the Canadian border. Mt. Shasta is believed to be one of the most electrically charged mountains but the whole area is also buzzing with energy. This area is believed to be the base of Mother Earth’s energy system.