The practice of Right Action is part of the Eightfold Path to enlightenment, happiness and virtue. It is interconnected to Right View, Right Thinking, and Right Speech - it starts with our mindset which creates our thoughts, our thoughts build our speech, and our speech turns into our actions.  Right Action is the physical act of one’s moral and ethical code they have developed through their view, thoughts and speech. For Right Action encourages one to refrain from harmful or destructive behaviours, and to act with compassion towards our self and others. How we behave matters, from what we nourish ourselves with, the exercise and the activities we partake in, and also the way we act towards others through our generosity and compassion. Right action is choosing to act with kindness, service and integrity. Right Action comes from understanding, compassion and mindfulness and when you practice to help others around you, at the same time you are helping yourself.  In our journey we are intended to learn the way of Right Action, to protect life, practice generosity, behave responsibly and consume mindfully. Our actions have the power to make an impact, within us, our community and beyond. Each action we choose creates a ripple effect of influence which may spur positive or negative outcomes. As students of Budo, we practice to be aware of our choices and behaviours, and we train to reflect before we act so we may refrain from destructive or harmful actions and so we may choose to act responsibly and encourage others to do the same. By Kohai Dianne Hadad 3rd Degree Black Belt, Renge Dojo Certified Professional Coach, Warrior Spirit Circle 647-203-4882 | The WARRIOR SPIRIT CIRCLE creates conversations for kids, parents and martial artists to discover their true self and embody their warrior spirit. Our mission is to share the practical wisdom from the classical martial arts virtues and philosophies to inspirit resiliency, confidence and vibrancy.