...Many say that they don't have the time. But I say make and take the time, even it is for only 1 class per week, in either Karate Do, Tai Chi Chuan or Kobudo, it can make great difference in your energy levels and is a great way to expel unwanted stress and anxiety. Stressor enzymes can compromise the immune system over time, but they can be easily transmuted through the training. What can be learnt in one class, can be practiced every day without the need of expensive exercise devices. There are no treadmills or elliptical at the Shaolin temple. Training in a class of no nonsense forward thinking people can be very positive. Martial arts is mentally stimulating, which modern science recognizes as the most important thing to stay healthy. Balancing thoughts and emotions, through the training of Mind Body and Spirit to a harmonious state of being can really assist one in facing life's challenges. So don't miss out, you are allowed to have some fun too! Start with one class per week and see where it goes from there.It will be the first step in getting you back on the right path. Hanshi Platt